Friday, 31 December 2010

Lets make it a good one.

I have the vocal strains of Abba chorusing "Happy New Year" running through my head as I prepare myself for a busy one man show in the kitchen at the top of the hill. Been a nice Head Chef and given all my kitchen Children the evening off! The evening specials sound inviting and wanton, with dashes of Culinary phwoar slipped in here & there to give some lucky guests foodgasms on this last evening of 2010.

Okay that's it! Last meal of the year has been sent, all that is left is the clear down and try to cheer up the miserable sod working behind the bar. But first, there is the matter of the main crux of this blog.

Looking back over the year I can't help but feel it went by a little too quickly for my liking. There has been many things going on both in my professional world and my family life that I haven't grasped all I wanted or hoped to, but as ever the optimist, I believe that all things come to those who reach far enough.

I am, however, still pleased with things I have grabbed with both hands........

I picked up a beautiful 1977 Mustang MKII Ghia, attained the employ as Kitchen Manager/Head Chef at the Pub on the hill in a part-time capacity, moved to a lovely house with the Family, watched as my youngest Daughter became a school pupil, proudly witnessed my Wife obtain her level two qualification in Child care, became a Dad-to-be again, became the owner of a cracking little Border Terrier (rescue dog) who has in turn helped our rather camp Dalmatian come out of his shell, bought a smart phone (!), created some fantastic new recipes and dishes, helped couples enjoy one of their most important days of their lives, gained recognition of different scales in a professional capacity, started up this blogspot, moved closer to creating my recipe book, made some good friends, and probably most important of all-become stronger in my relationship with my wonderful wife.

I also witnessed the break up of some dear friends, the loss of one exceptional man, the strength my Father showed with countless operations, the strength of my Mother with her unwavering support and compassion during his recoveries, the saddening news stories of deaths caused by natural disasters, war, famine and disease.

I feel lucky in life. Lucky to have so many around me whom love me as much as I do them. Money may be really tight (We're not the only ones) Days may slip by with an alarming speed, and I may well be fast approaching 37 (!!!), but I have health, love, respect and happiness and that is priceless in it's self.

Maybe it's because I have been washing up, cleaning down, scrubbing, sweeping and mopping in a silent kitchen and it is almost 11pm on the last day of 2010 that I am reflecting on the past in a slight melancholic prose, I don't know.

 Maybe it's still that damned Mayan prediction mentioned briefly in a previous blog.

But I'm rather glad I have pondered on what has been, dreamt of what could have been because I can now see the new year as a chance to make it what I want it to be. And so should you.

 So, to all of you still reading this, I thank you for taking the time out to let me prattle on like some NYE drunkard. I love you.

No, seriously, seriously. I mean it.

I f**&ing love you.

Happy New Year

J.P. De Ronne

Abba has vanished from my mind, only to be replaced by the Proclaimers....If you can guess the correct song I shall mention you in my Blog! : )


  1. Im on my way???
    uh huh uh huh uh huh


  2. no Babs Smith, thanks for trying!

  3. And I would walk 500 miles and I would walk 500 more... (etc)

  4. Here's to an even better 2011!

    Ps Letter from America?

  5. Anonymous, that was the choice the following day, shouting it out like loons in the kitchen, but sadly, not at that point! ty for trying!

  6. Northern Snippet, Here is hoping! I'm sure there will be highs and lows, miracles and tragedies, but optimism is a fiery bedfellow and can make the impossible, possible! Happy new year to you.

    P.S. Nope to the song....too obvious for my head!