Sunday, 30 January 2011

Copyright? copywrong!

I read a very good article on a fellow Bloggers' (Northern Snippet, go check her out at: spot today and decided to leave a Comment.
Which I did........

15 Minutes later I was still writing, so decided to place the Comment as a Blog on mine instead...It was way too long to be a comment!
The Post written, entitled 'Hands Off Chef' discusses the Arrogance of some Chefs that feel their product is so unique and so amazing that they Copyright these dishes for fear of others gaining success and notoriety from it.

This did grate my nerves and I whole heartedly agree with Northern Snippet.
Below is my origional Comment.
Read Northerns' .........

.....and then mine

Hello Northern Snippet!
Great Post, as always!

Here is my Comment in response to your fantastic article.

Chef's on the whole, get their ideas from cook books that are sold to the British public. They have a play, change a few bits round, then 'Tah-Dah!', they have created their own secret recipe! But, this has a few irk-isms for me........

1) These books are aimed at the Public to create in their homes using ingredients widely available. These books are not aimed at Chefs. (although there is nothing wrong with gaining inspiration from their peers, taking it and changing the salt used or swapping sweetcorn for peas is not exercising ones' talent or professional capabilities)
2) To then cover up the ingredients and copyright the Recipe makes no sense, after all, if someone dearly wants to be able to create that amazing dish that is one of the biggest forms of flattery you can get!
3) Look at the Menus....full of Allergy advice-contains Gluten, contains Soya, Contains Sultanas, contains Nuts and/or derivatives there of, contains sesame, contains food of a non ethical source, contains foods that may be Organic, contains...Ingredients!
These days we have to label the items contained therein for the fear of getting sued for not mentioning a product that may cause adverse effects on your consumers (I have recently taken to using Fennel & Dill Pollens in my cooking, a new Gastro-Ingredient that is versatile and amazing, but for fear of evoking Hay fever, I have added a (P) to the Menu!)
4) If all Cooks, Chefs and the like forbade others from using recipes then there would be no Classics that we grew up with which has stood the test of time, e.g. Shepherd's Pie, Steak & Kidney Pudding, Yorkshire Pudding, English Trifle etc, etc. There would also be a virtually indistinguishable line between what is considered copyright infringement and what is not, and this would have a severe domino affect on the whole Community.
5) We are not Gods of the food world...we are but humble masters of the art and therefore need to respect the medium in which we work and understand we do not own any of it.
6) If you really want to get your Ego rubbed and be recognised, do the same as me, write a bloody cook book, and Blog your cocky heart out!

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  1. thanks for your comment,So pleased that other Chefs agree,I also received messages of support from Chefs via Twitter which was encouraging as I was beginning to think I was unusual in my views.
    Good luck with the book!
    PS i haven't come across fennel or Dill pollen-how do you use them?