Thursday, 18 August 2011

J.P. De Ronne and the Mystical Egg of Fate

 Fate is a bizarre old fish.

Some people place their whole life choices and paths inside its invisible hands. They toast their successes and place their misfortunes squarely on its infinitely broad shoulders.

Others refutably deny its existence alongside its cousins; Luck, Blind Faith and Hope. To those, the only person to congratulate or blame is the self.
Whatever the reality, I now have a new path to follow that has opened up due to certain actions having taken place.

A few weeks back, I received a batch of ‘exotic’ meats to play with in the kitchen on the Hill that got my culinary brain juices leaking and my hands turning the varying ingredients into quite a large, complex series of tasks, which has been briefly mentioned before on a previous post.

One such idea that burst into life was a take on the humble Scotch Egg. The premise was a simple one but with a series of ingredients that would hopefully give our diners a unique tasting experience without compromising the basic grounding or origin of the legendary bar snack.

The finished result was perfectly formed, and full of flavour and snapped up quicker than I could have imagined and began to tell about it on the social sites in conversation. At this point I was introduced to an event that was coming up at a Pub in Wandsworth where Public Houses, Restaurants, Individuals and even shops would be taking part in.

 Looking into it further, I realised that the date was one which I could not attend due to work loads and family commitments so I abandoned all thoughts towards competing with my newest addition to my repertoire.
However, closer to the date, whilst wishing all competitors the best of luck, I saw a tweet from the Host Public House postponing the event due to the terrible riots that were unfolding within London.

Once again, I placed the Scotch Egg Challenge to the back of my mind, focusing on the day to day running of my Kitchen which was feeding an average of two hundred diners each day, as well as the weddings every Saturday, additional functions and barbecue events throughout the weeks.

Finally, after  working for 16 full days in a row and spending the spare time I did have trying to fix the broken car with a friend, I managed to slow up a little and reinstate myself in the immersive world of Twitter to catch up with other people within my follow line. It was during this time that a message about the #scotcheggchallenge (as it is being bandied about) got re-tweeted into my timeline giving the new date of Tuesday, 20th September.

Now, fate or no fate, I decided to check the family Calander that is hung in the Kitchen to check to see what would be happening on that specific day in the De Ronne household, as there is always  a club or party or get together or work related ‘thing’ occurring each day of the year it seems.


I double checked the new Challenge date, holding the mobile phone alongside the Family organiser to ensure both details matched. And, to my pleasant surprise, they did. The day was unusually free of any tasks.
Not even a bill due to be paid that day.

And the rest, so far is History.

I have queried the proprietors of The Ship in Wandsworth with regards to eligibility, sent details and have now been officially accepted into the Challenge.

Which is getting really big.... frequently written about.....renamed by some as the World Championships.......and seemingly quite an important event in Britain’s Catering Calendar.

It may be just because of a series of random events, mixed with being in the right place at the right time. It may be this fate thing that many believe in, but both I and my special balls are going to challenge some true Scotch Egg Masters and Connoisseurs next month and I will enjoy every moment.

Wish me Luck!......If you believe in that kind of thing.

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