Sunday, 18 September 2011

Eggs Factor (Poor Pun Intended)

Assuming by the time I finish this mini post (not more than twelve minutes from now) in a matter of 48 hours some one will have an accolade that may seem very insignificant to those on the outside, yet exceedingly huge to those within-(I think I may have just been able to utilise both a Mr. Kipling quote with a reference to the T.A.R.D.I.S at the same time, wow).

I am talking about the mighty Scotch Egg Challenge.

The challenge......being held at the Ship in Wandsworth?........The challenge, with the meat coated egg....No?
Where have you been?!

For those uncertain of what I am on about, here is a link to save me turning this post into an epical saga of gargantuan proportions....

Go and read.....I shall wait here.....

Go on!

Now, it may still be a tad bizarre, but let me tell you something. It is going to be huge. I mean massive.

With a panel of esteemed judges giving the proceedings a sense of seriousness, the list of highly reputable Chefs, Restaurants, Artisans et al (and moi), and the buzz on twitter from those attending to spectate and sample alone, this competition that started from simple and humble beginnings has been turned into a competition that has received media interest, and continual comment and support on social sites.

I am in there too. Even getting grief from Pipe Dream UK that his has the 'jump' on mine, and something about a trophy cabinet (I remember an athlete named Ben Johnson who had one of those....and a fine collection of dust he had too!) I am well excited, not nervous, not smug, nor overly confident. I do, however, have faith in my Scotch Egg, and know that it can compete with, what must be undoubtedly the finest ScEggs in all the shires and lands. It will be all down to the Judge's take on what they see, smell, taste, feel when sinking those honed teeth into them (37 last count I believe!).

But, lest we forget, the main hub behind what the event is really all about is the chance to meet up, connect, network, build and forge professional & personal relationships and have a damned good time in the process. This idea of an event is what will make the industry stronger. Chefs, proprietors, guests, bosses, foodies, jouro's and others coming together and supporting each other, sharing good practices and ideas, and a little bit of Kitchen Banter.

So, If you aren't already, get your ass on over there (Tuesday 20th) for around 7pm, and bed yourself in for the evening of foodie fun and the only Eggs Factor worth watching!

Damn, overdone the writing time by 8 minutes, if this was my egg it would be F.U.B.A.R by now.

P.S. Comment below and wish me luck!

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