Monday, 6 September 2010

The Launch of the Begining of the Start.

So, here we go, Blog number one. Start may be slow, Then work to a run. Putting my name, my face, on the map. about the cookery game, and other such crap. (Anon, 2010).....well, me. Sitting in the lame excuse of my makeshift 'office' as the Indian Summer rain slashes against the kitchen door, begging to come in, (must be very cold outside!), and compiling my first blog to which holds my future and fate in its' tiny electronic hands. Why am I doing this? Because I love to write. And I want to realise my goal of creating my first recipe book, and this is a way of sorting what is good and what is bad. I am also looking to practise my written eloquence in order to get on the food writer circuit and even help educate people in the art of good food, as in how, why, and when eating out, where. Anyway, back to Somerset... If you travel through this fair county onwards towards the more popular coastal regions the likes of Cornwall, Devon and Dorset you can be forgiven. I can understand the pull of the chocolate box villages with the bright seas ebbing and flowing beyond. I share a love of the happening seaside towns that has something for everyone. The rugged clifftop walks that boast the stunning views. But ffs......Somerset has more to offer than a stopping point on the A303 to eat in moto chef services, refuel, take a dump then fuck off. We have the Pretty Villages, the amazing walks through rugged nature and hills, happening towns and even the water-be it lakes, rivers and wiers. I'm not the new advertising strategy for visit Somerset, (imagine that endorsment...Oi! Visit Somerset, for fu.....), but I am proud of what Somerset has to offer. I am not originally from here, I was actually born in the actual Country of Belgium..... That's fine.... I can hear the sniggers at the back there, but I am proud of that fact! One of the things, aside from the countryside, towns et al, that has been kept as a localised secret is the food. We have some cracking eating places and I don't mean the likes of chain restaurants but actual individual pubs, restaurants, bistros and hotels that have some kick ass food cooked by some kick ass talent, both usually locally grown and sourced. We have a field of talented guys and girls who can make good food great, (not to mention those who have been misdirected and ill advised by parents, career officers and jobcentres) but usually and thankfully the cream rises to the top, so to speak. We hear names whispered and ushered around the halls and walls of the County of Chefs that are either highly respected, or highly disregarded. Sounds familiar?? It's the same everywhere throughout the world. Welcome to the proffessional realm of Cooking. Over the next few lives I shall be talking about food in general, food in Somerset along with a few reviews of places, rants and raves about the industry and the chefs, recipes from my own creation, insight into being a family man and chef, and maybe even answer questions that you (if you are out there and reading this) post my way. Time for me to get to the stove and pass and feed our salivating clients, check on! Speak soon

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  1. best of luck mate, its going to be a lot duller without you. lush,m i managed to post a half sensible comment without wandering off in to immaturity and vulagarness. your a top bloke and a top chef, i seriously hope this works out for you, if not im sure you will always be welcomed back with open arms. best of luck dude