Monday, 13 September 2010

So, what's the story, morning glory?

If the first blogpost could be classified as a foreward, then this is the introduction. An insight, if you will, into me so you may better understand my persona and hopefully get what I am talking about.


I love Food.

Obviously, otherwise I would be writing a different blog all together.

I am an ordinary, average bloke living in the Southwest. Lucky in love, not so lucky in life on the whole, although I remain as optamistic as ever (not one to look for negatives!) and overly happy with my lot.

Starting with a confession, I have a Misstress.

Yes, my Wife knows and understands, not always happy, but understands. All Wives of passionate Chefs have the same problem (it is common place thing in the Industry). You see, we Chefs have a strange love affair with food. We don't just order up, cook, serve and then forget about it. We can't. Food has us transfixed with it's many guises, it's subtlety and range. We get excited when we talk about it, and chat for hours without pause for breath, especially when a few beverages are onboard. We critique the food programmes on television, poke and prod produce at markets to show that we are professionals, and generally bore the crap out of anyone who is in constant contact with us after a few weeks.

But the positives far outweigh the negatives.

We are a walking wikipedia of food knowledge and can be relied on to give advice, answer questions and quell myths/arguments (so most of the time it is your fault we constantly chat recipes, ingredients and methods of cookery!).

We can "rustle-up" anything that is in the cupboards to suit tastes.

We are passionate.

We cook all the time at home, saving our loved ones countless hours stood in the kitchen.

We actually don't cook all the time at home, saving our loved ones countless hours stood in the kitchen. That was a big lie. Most of the time we give the kitchen a WIDE berth on time off, meaning our loved ones rarely get to enjoy our amazing and often intricate dishes. Sorry loved ones. x

Right, so here's me. Sound very one dimensional, probably.

Just to show I have a life away from the kitchen, here is a c.v. style breakdown of hobbies/interests and personal information.

  • I am male.
  • I am ahem, ahem years young.
  • I am 6 foot tall.
  • 13 stone.
  • Blue/grey eyes.
  • Married.
  • Semi-Religious.
  • Father of Four
  • I have two dogs: one Dalmation, one Border Terrier.
  • I have one Cat.
  • I own a Mazda MX5 (not a Hairdressers' car)
  • Favourite food is Pasta dishes.
  • Favourite drink is Jack Daniels.
  • In my spare time I  enjoy watching films, food programmes, comedies.
  • I enjoy reading Clive Cussler novels and food magazines.
  • I enjoy spending time with my family, socialising, eating out, listening to music, eating a good take-away, internet browsing Pub and Restaurant guide sites, Writing this blog, Creating recipes, singing and dancing.
Okayyyy, so there is a couple of food things in there, but the way I see it, a clothes shop sales assistant wears clothes on their days off............I know that is tenuous to say the least, but a point made all the same.

Thanks for listening, speak soon.



I have written a song about a Tortilla that I shall post soon......Well, less a song, more a Wrap. x

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  1. Typical Jup! Loves it, keep em coming! Tx